Assign a value to the input based on a clicked element

Goodmorning everyone . I am facing a new problem.
I will describe everything I have done in such a way that it can be useful to someone and / or to get advice to improve it, up to the problem that I can not solve.

I needed to create a searchbox that would take data from an external api service. To do this I essentially used 2 plugins:

  • ZQ fuzzy search & autocorrect
  • Key stroke input trigger

NB. I could also have done without the first plugin, but I found in various tests that the response is faster than doing it only with repeating groups.

I set up the fuzzy ZQ plugin like this

By setting the ID for my searchbox.
After that I used the second Key stroke input trigger plugin like this

At this point in my workflow I have access to a new action that is, input monitor started

after which I simply set that, it must update my search data based on what is written in my input box.

Nb. I have set the search to start only after at least 2 characters are written, but it is completely optional.

Now we come to my problem.

I would like when I click on one of the possible choices, returned to me by my external api, my search input takes that value. How could I do such a thing?

I leave a short video of the operation, in order to be as clear as possible.

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