Assign an image to a thing

Ok Bubble, in my app Users get “badges” when they reach a certain amount of points. My current setup is this
Title = 10 points
Desc = You’ve got 10 points! Congrats!
User = Current User
Received date = Current date
So far this is all working, but there is an icon option, set to image, and I don’t know how to do that. The type is “image” but there is no “Upload image” option? Please help, thanks! I can share screenshots if you want.

not really following

you want to upload image to the badge? or do you want to set the image of the user to badge image?

there is an element called “picture uploader”

Sorry for not being super clear, I want to do this in a workflow, here is a screenshot:
Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 1.05.55 PM I have the Field “icon” set to image in the database.

just use the element “picture uploader” and set it to picture uploader’s value

There is going to be a few dozen badges, so would I make a few dozen Picture Uploaders? I knew that I could do Picture Uploaders, but I was wondering if there was a faster way.


so what you need to do is creating option sets with the badges images

then whenever you create a new badge just assign the image you want

here you go

ohhhhhhh thanks!