Assign Items to Users. Possible?

No worries at all! :slight_smile: You’re definitely on the right track! Yes, that makes sense! One thing that might help is to change the name of the badge number field on the Asset data type to “AssignedUser” (keeping it as a User data type). In Bubble, every ‘Thing’ (or entry) in your database automatically has a unique ID. You don’t have to worry about assigning Users or Assets their own IDs because the unique ID field does this for you. (Here’s an example with more specific information on this: Things and List of Things confusion - #2 by fayewatson)

Also (I did the exact same thing when first starting out) it would be best to keep all data type names as singular, not plural. For example, ‘Assets’ should be changed to ‘Asset’. Otherwise it will be very confusing when looking at the Asset fields within each data type. For example, the User Assets field within the User data type currently looks like:


At first glance, this makes it seem like this is a list of Assets (since the s is on it). But after we remove the extra s from the data type spelling, we see this is just a single Asset field:


Yes, one way to store the Assets to a particular User would be to have a field within the User data type called User Assets (type: Asset, list: yes). Then the field will read as:

User Assets List of Assets

Then within the Asset data type, you can have an AssignedUser field (type: User, list: no - since each Asset can only have one User). This is probably the most simple method!

I don’t mean to overwhelm you (as I know this is all confusing in the beginning) but it definitely becomes easier! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

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