Assign text value to State 2 based on number value of State 1

I’m trying to assign a text value to a State based on the number value of another State. For example, let’s say for any State 1 where value is less than 1000, assign State 2 the value of “A”. For any State 1 where value is greater than 1000, assign State 2 the value of “B”. It’s a simple if/else Boolean, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Is something like this possible? I’d like to do this for roughly 30 items.

Apparently, you want iteration?
The bubble has not provided us with this possibility to avoid big mistakes.
There is a free plugin made by @keith and one of its features is iteration.
If this process is critical, you can use this plugin.

List Shifter Karma-Ware Plugin | Bubble

List Shifter is KarmaWare. If using this plugin saved the day for you—especially if using it in a production app—please visit:


Hey @NoCodeDataArtisan thanks for the info! I took a look at the plugin, but since I’m not entirely sure what the “Iterate” function does, I’m feeling a little clueless :confused:

You could easily do this with Iterate, or even better, the Process List action in List Shifter. Intro video here:

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