Assigning a value to a checkbox item?

I would like to give a user the ability to check a box and then assign that checkbox a value.

For example. :ballot_box_with_check: Salmon - :white_large_square: $30 (<-input field)

So now i want this salmon to be $30 for this specific users account. So when another user wants to buy a salmon from this shop, the database will pull the value of this salmon into the total checkout price.

I am stumped here, I tried using an option set but I can’t get the repeating group to only display the list of items that the business has. For instance, the business only selected Salmon, Trout, Bass, but it is also showing Shark, Tuna, and Shrimp. Also, I can’t get the values to pull through.

Does anyone understand what I am describing here lol.

Hi there, @jerseyikes… where are you saving the items that a specific business is selling? You can use an option set to define all of the available items, but when a business decides that it is selling salmon for $30, you need to store the business, the item, and the item’s associated price in a data type. Then, you can search that data type at any time for items that are associated with a particular business, and you should be good to go. Make sense?


Ok I think I understood what you mean. I’m almost there! So this is what I have now on my registration page (dummy data):

I am just trying to figure out how to add the business name in here now (the business name is registered later in the registration process on the next page.

Is there anyway you can hop on a call for 5 minutes, I am sure I am overthinking this so much!

Is this correct?

You can’t add the business in the same step where you create the feature because you said the business hasn’t been created yet. For what it’s worth, it seems to me like you would want the user to create the business first and then add the features. That being said, if the user is creating their business on the next page, include a workflow step after the step that creates the business, and in that step, make changes to a list of features created by the current user, and the change to make is to set the BusinessName field to the result of the step in which the business was created.

Also, it’s not clear to me why you are using a multi-dropdown to select the features. I would assume a user is supposed to select one feature and give it a price. I guess the user could select multiple features and give them the same price, but that isn’t going to create multiple things in the Feature data type.

I have a drop-down because I want users to choose different prices for different services. For example - Surf School XYZ, Packages include $30 1:1 Surf Lesson, $20 Group Lesson, $10 Online demonstration.
User goes to checkout, decides they want to book the 1:1 Surf Lesson, $20 group session and the total checkout value is $50.
Business during registration, chooses from a pre-selected dropdown, which ‘packages’ they offer and what they charge for it.

Can you hop into my page and take a look? I can send you the demo page for registering an account. I would like to user to register their prices up front during the business registration process.

I don’t necessarily understand your previous reply, but sure, I can take a look. Send me a direct message with a link to your editor, and go to your Settings >> General tab and set the Application rights dropdown to everyone can view (or everyone can edit, which would be better).

Thanks dude, I just dm’d you.