Assigning a value to a data type in a workflow


I’m trying to create a meeting planning app, in which I would like to make certain programmatic assumptions about the attendees (which the planner will be able to change).

I have a data field in “Participants” called “Position” which leads to a data type that has fields like “Attendee”, “Planner”, “Presenter”, “Facilitator”, “Assistant”.

In my workflow, I would like to assume that the Current User is the “Planner” and all other Users she adds to the meeting begin as "Attendee"s, and then we allow her to change that field if it turns out that the attendee is really an “Assistant” or “Presenter”.

I am unable, though, when I am creating the Participant type to write Position = “Attendee”. I’m sure that I am missing something very basic.

There are more fields I wish to do similar actions on, so really any head’s up in the right direction would be most appreciated!

Thank you!

Ensuring I read correctly - you have the table Participants and you have the separate table Position. On the table Participants, there is a field that has the type “Position.”

If the field “Position” on the user table was a text field, and not a type of another table, you could explicitly write “Position.” However, if it has a type of data assigned to it, you need to reference an actual item in the database. (In this case, you can use the"Do a search for: Positions" to get to the thing you want. (If it’s a specific type, build the search so that it will only return that one item, and append “first item” after the search).

Thanks so much for the quick response.
I forget to tell you something basic. I have a field in Position called “Type” and “Attendee” is one of the Types.


That doesn’t seem to be accepted.

First step, remove the ‘is “Attendee”’ part from the expression. Your thought process was in the right direction, but you actually want to define that within the Search part of the expression.

To do so, click on the “Search for Positions” part and in the popup that appears, click on “Add a constraint”.

From there, select the field on the Position table called Type. You’ll have a few different options to select from. But select the “=” sign. Then, type in Attendee

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That worked! Thank you so much @dan1!

I still don’t understand why I need to append :first item to Search for Position’s Type, but if it works it works.

The reason you append “first item” is because a search is effectively turning up a list. Even though you know the search will only return one item, the search is planning on the results being a list. So, first item takes that “list” and changes it to a single item.

@dan1 would :last item or :random item effectively be doing the same thing?

While the others achieve the intended end result value, as a convention, I feel most users stick with :firstitem.

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