Assigning award points for tasks!

Hi everyone,

I am building a web app to motivate our team members to give them fun tasks and give award points for each tasks. I have built most of the application and I am stucked in:

When user complete the task they need to click submit button and the award point is added to their wallet. But when they refresh the page they can submit the same task again and it repeats forever.

Does anynone know how can I limit this action once only?

I have been looking up the solution online for a while I couldnt find anything yet probably I am using wrong terms to describe the issue. :slight_smile:

Hi there, @arman… can you share more details (screenshots) about what it means for a task to be marked as complete? How are you doing it? What does the workflow look like? What does your task data type look like?

What you described should be as simple as having a field in the task data type that designates if a task is complete, and the user should only be able to complete tasks that are not already marked as complete. Without being able to see what you are doing, though, it’s not really possible to be more specific than that.


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Hello @mikeloc thank you for the fast response. :slight_smile:

Completing tasks means commenting or uploading pics with friends on an event of the company. After taking action they click submit button. Yes there must be validation of the input data and I do it manually since we have only 50 members in our team. :))) I change the yes/no field.

I will try to create the field in the task data type to mark completion as you suggested. Probably it is the solution. :))

I wish I could make validation process automated so I could create more complicated tasks such as “take a selfie with your cat”. so when the user uploads a proper picture they earn the point directly.


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