Assigning Data Types

Hi Everyone,

I am super newbie to bubble and I am loving it. But I am facing an issue and I hope some one can help me.

I am developing a small school management system, where the school will create

  1. sections
  2. class
  3. subjects

I want to assign dynamically generated Sections to Class.

Each class when assigned with section should be separate entity. It means that the data of
Class 1 > Section A should not be shown in Class 3 > Section A

Please help me with this or direct me to a database video or forum.

Hi there, @tabschoolindia… what you described sounds pretty straightforward in that you will almost certainly want to have a data type for Class and a data type for Section, with the Section data type having a field called class with a field type of Class (i.e., the Class data type).

With those data types in place, you can add a section field (with a field type of Section) to other data types so the things that are created in the data types can be associated with a specific section, and you can use that field in privacy rules and search constraints to make sure the things in one class/section are not shown in another class/section. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc ,

Thanks for prompt reply. So, help me with this

I have done following steps

1 ) Create Data Type > Section Name > as Text (as this will be created by the user)
2) Create Data Type > Class > as Text (as this will be created by the user)

  1. I have displayed Sections created on Page 1 when user is creating class.
  2. I want user to assign section to class using checkbox.

Can you point to a video to achieve Point 4. I am super newbie to

It’s difficult to follow what you have done and what you are trying to do, and there isn’t going to be a video that shows you how to build your exact app. I understand you are super new to Bubble, and I would strongly suggest you take a step back and work through Bubble’s tutorials and watch the academy videos because Bubble’s learning curve is steep, and if you don’t have a good understanding of the basics, you are really going to struggle to get up that curve.

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I am learning so many new things, Thanks

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