Assigning Draw Dates

Hello Bubble,

I have figured some issues on my app and currently stuck on this one. After submitting a ticket to my Lotto app, the ticket should be assigned a draw date based on the Lotto game or how many draws that ticket will be viable (more than 1 draw date) and the time it was submitted (since there are cutoffs).

I am stumped on how to assign this Draw date to the ticket and would really appreciate any guidance on what needs to be done. Thank you!

Just add a date field to the Ticket data type and set it when the ticket is submitted.

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Thank you for the response @adamhholmes - this one I am currently following but the part I am stumped is assigning the actual draw date for the lotto ticket.


Lotto Game #1 draws every - M, W, F weekly
and customer submits a ticket (for 1 draw) on Tuesday for Lotto Game #1… so the draw date assigned to the ticket would be Wednesday.

also if customer submits a ticket (for 2 draws) on Tuesday for Lotto Game #1… the draw dates would be the nearest Wednesday and Friday for the ticket.

This I am confused on how to implement in Bubble. I hope you can recommend a method? Thank you again!

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