Assigning Table Reference Via A Dropdown

I have questions as a thing
I have a dropdown of users when creating a question.
This tells who the question is for (user_to)

The way I am doing it now, I am searching for all users and grabbing the first one that matches the email chosen in the list.

This seems very expensive.

Is there a simpler way such as selecting User things directly from the dropdown in which case it auto assigns the reference to User table in the Question table?

I have been trying to figure it out for quite a while and have run out of ways to try this.

Make the type of choice “user” … then your choices source would be search for users. Option caption would be current option’s email

Then in your workflow, you can assign the to_user as the dropdown’s user


Ok, I see. By specifying too much in Source Type (which I kept doing when trying to use User as a source type), you break it.

I kept choosing search for user’s email to get it to show.

So simple, thank you.