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Assigning total values to user

Hello all. I am trying to set up a math database that does basic addition and subtraction. What I want it to do store the total values that each user has and display the value whenever a user logs onto his/her account. I created two test users but the problem i’m encountering is that all the value’s are being saved under one user. Can anyone please help? Thanks.

Create a field under the user data type to store that value, so whatever the workflow is that saves it, save it to “Current User’s Total” field.

I tried that but it wasn’t working. I went under User then created fields A, B, and C. Should I create ‘Total’ as a number and set it as a list of numbers?

I can help you out, but I’m a little confused about what you’re wanting to save from those inputs. I’m not understanding which inputs should be adding/subtracting.

Ok, so i’m working on an app that saves each users workout routine by category and set count, i.e. pushups, squats, situps, etc… so they can eventually keep track on either a weekly or monthly basis. So lets say the user inputs 10 in slot A, 15 in slot B, and 25 in slot C. I want to be able to store 10, 15, 25 into the users account and when they log back on the value will show in the total slot. Then when the user adds ex. 15 to slot A, 12 to slot B, and 20 to slot C the new total will show 25, 27, and 45. I have that portion working but it’s not storing the values for different users.

disregard the subtracting for now. Lol. thanks. :relaxed:

Ok, check it out now. Your fields were correct for the user (A,B,C), but you need to be making a change to the “Current User” and change those fields there. Also, the expression for the addition should be “Current User’s A + Input A”.

I also took your text elements out of the groups as those weren’t necessary. The dynamic text can just be “Current User’s A” , " Current User’s B"…

Let me know if this is what you needed.

So putting ‘This user’ was incorrect. I was not aware. I feel so <(@_@.)> at times. But yes all is well. Thanks once again for your assistance.

Of course. Nah, don’t sweat it. “This User” is not necessarily “Current User” - Here’s where you would use This User:

Say you wanted to perform a field change to every user like combine their first name value with their last name value into a new “full name” field. You would say “Make a change to a search for users” (returning all users)…

Full Name = This User’s First Name This User’s Last Name

Because it would take the values of each individual to create the combination. In this case, you would NOT want to do

Full Name = Current User’s First Name Current User’s Last Name

because then everyone would have the same name. Hope that helps with the distinction!

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Makes sense. Just for a bit of clarification, for apps containing calendars, forums, profile pages, etc… would it also be wise to store user generated data, i.e. dynamic data, under Current User. And create a new thing with applicable fields for static data?

In general, you shouldn’t think of it as splitting dynamic and static data by custom data types and the built in User. It could be that all fields under user could be static and all fields under your custom types could be dynamic. Think of your custom data types more as folders that help you organize your data.

If your app is for a school district, your types could be:

Schools (custom)
Students (custom)
Teachers (User)

The fields within teacher don’t necessarily need to be under schools as well (personal info, for example), and some school information doesn’t need to be under teacher (location, administrative details, etc.), but none of that has anything to do with the actual data values being stored. All data can be dynamic or static. Your types are more for having a structured system so that you don’t end up saving every thing under a single type.

Yes or yes?