Assigning users to a project

Hello all,

I am creating a SaaS project management app in Bubble.

Ideal customer journey

  1. System admin creates account belonging to Company
  2. System admin creates projects that belong to Company.
  3. By default, system admin is assigned to project upon creation.
  4. System admin assigns user(s) to projects (by adding users to individual projects - and creating accounts for each user in the process.
  5. New users email with receive temporary password and can change new password upon login.
  6. New user is driven to dashboard which contains assigned project information.
  7. In the database, the following should occur

Scenario A - ‘Projects Joined’ field (List of projects) in the User Data Type should include project key(s) of newly assigned project(s)

Scenario B - ‘Assigned Users’ field (List of Users) in the Project Data Type should include email(s) of the newly added user(s)

Problem - I am having three ISSUES (see below);

  1. Step 3
    When a new project is created by the System Admin ( ‘current user’), the SA is assigned to the project because Scenario B occurs. ISSUE - Scenario A doesn’t occur.

  2. Step 4
    When a new user is assigned (added by creating an account for a new user who receives a temporary password to log in) to a project by the SA (current user), the following occurs

  • a new account is created
  • the new user can log in with a temporary password and change password
  • user’s data is visible in user data type

ISSUE - Scenario A doesn’t occur
ISSUE - Scenario B doesn’t occur.

I have attached some screenshots of the workflow below

Steps in Creating a Project

Steps in Assigning new user to a project

Any tips on fixing these issues will be greatly appreciated! Thank you all so much :slightly_smiling_face:

You can have two fields in the project datatype i.e. admin (user), and assignees (list of users). You can assign the system admin to the admin of the project. This approach will help you later in implementing access controls for editing details of the projects etc. Then make changes to the project after filtering out and include the result of step 1 for project assignees. Make any sense?

Hello Nobi,

Thanks for your response but I’m afraid I’m not clear on your response. Which of the three issues does your suggestion relate to? Thank you

Scenario B

Hello Nobi,

I tried to follow your suggestion but when making a change to thing (Projects), I keep viewing an errored message. See image screen grabs, below?

Are you able to kindly suggest what I may be missing?

Thank you so much.

Please share your editor link

Hello Nobi,

How do I share my editor? Thanks

Hello Nobi

Just a quick update - I managed to Search for projects:first item which didn’t give an errored message. However Scenario B, still doesn’t occur nor does Scenario A.


I’ll give you a DM