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Assistance with load testing


Can anyone recommend an agency or person to work with to carry out load testing on my app?

I need to understand how scalable my app is in terms of volume of concurrent users running processes simultaneously.

I am not a developer and don’t the time to learn how to write scripts or use the self serve load testing apps out there.

I have tried heep and codemap but so far I have not found anyone suitable.


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Hey Robbie,

What do you mean by load testing, is your app slow?
Second, If you are pushing alot of data around in your app, I would suggest to you use backend workflows.
But if your app is so huge that you are concernced about scalability please get back to bubble support, they would help you out.

Thanks, Ali
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If by load testing you mean concurrent users then try this app:
It comes with a generous free plan and you can test up to 10k simultaneous users without spending a penny :slight_smile:
You can also test your database query performance if you do a load test with this tool on a page URL that contains some repeating group or other search based data.
P.S. Bubble uses caching in the backend so a database performance test will not be a 100% unique query test. However, you can get a rough idea of how many users your app may be able to handle if there are not a lot of database queries involved.


Could this help out:

Best, Peter

Hi Deejay,

Thanks for the tip.

I’m having trouble verifying my domain. Can you provide any guidance on this process?

I am trying to verify over http.