Associate dropdown with a text box - no text then caption is shown and selection is null

I have a dropdown menu, that shows payment schedule as weekly, monthly and annual

and a text box to show that income

The period used in the dropdown is comeing from database thing/

I want if the text box is 0 or empty, the dropdown to be mandatory weekly or monthly or annual.

so: not empty with a condition that a text box is not empty



You can use Conditional statements to change the default value based on a condition.

Thank you for responding however the default I want to be the caption (or empty) and I could not do that through conditions

Ah, I see, sorry.

So in one case you want the drop down to show the full list, and in another a cut down list ?

You can still use the condition, but change the data source to have the cut down options.


A text box and a dropdown

Options in drop down: The caption, option 1, option 2 and option 3.

When page is loaded: Textbox is empty and dropdown showing the caption “Select option”

if user put a number in the text box other than zero, he can select one of the options, if user emptied text box or change the number to zero, the dropbox will show the caption and the value of the dropbox returns empty

I figured out how:

Create a condition that checks the value of the text box and under the required condition the following to happen:

  1. Do a search for, select the source for the dropdown and a condition for a value that does not exist ( 0 for example)
  2. Select the placeholder as it will come with the original placeholder for the dropdown.

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