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Associating a New Thing to an existing other thing and type

i build a workflow when button clicked, save a new thing for type Y, and field “Category” (which is a composite field of another type X called “category”) i want to be = a specific thing from the “category” type

How do i do it?

Tried everything?

If I’ve understood you correctly, you have two data types Category & Y and when creating a thing in Y, you want to associate it with a specific Category record.

What exactly do you mean by composite field? In Y, you need to have a field called category of type Category. If this is what you mean then you should be okay. When creating your Y thing, you should just set the category to a search of Category and specify your constraints. Remember to end with 's first item.

If I’m stating the obvious and you know all this already then, apologies - it may be best to share a screenshot and/or more details of what you’ve tried, errors you’re seeing etc.

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