Associating Data from a RG to a Thing

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on building a project management tool of sorts, and have run into an issue in connecting some of my data. In short, I want end users to build their own Project Templates with Tasks associated with them. From there, they’ll be able to quickly create individual Projects with the Tasks preloaded from the templates that they’ve made.

I’m currently struggling to get the Template Projects to associate to the Template Tasks, and as such, when a new Project is created from a Project Template, none of the Template Tasks are brought through to this new project. I’ve been able to tie Template Tasks to a Project Template, but not vice-versa. In my workflow, I’ve tried to do this, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The Template Tasks are being entered through a popup input and are living on the page in a Repeating Group. Is it possible to connect the contents of this RG to a Project Template?

In the screenshot below, I am trying to set the Template Task field on a Project Template, with “Project Builder” being a container that holds a RG with all of the Template Tasks. Nothing breaks, but in my database, no Template Tasks are ever shown in that data field of Template Projects.

I’ve searched a ton for similar scenarios but haven’t found anything - I’m still getting my feet under me in Bubble, so there’s probably a very simple answer that I’m overlooking - any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Hello @llegos Welcome to the community!

Use the debugger and go step by step. Watch for the data to exist prior/during the step when the task is populated.

Hi @cmarchan thanks for the reply - i’ve been through the debugger a bit and am finding that this data element remains empty regardless of what I do to try and populate it

I assume that the fact that Template Task is empty in my evaluator is indicative of this.

I’ve gone one step further and manually added a Template Task to a Project Template but have found that I can only add 1, when ultimately there will be many Template Tasks per Project Template. Is this a database limitation (either a theoretical or one within Bubble) or am I not thinking about something correctly?

Are there any privacy rules that may be getting in the way?