Asynchronous multiple create thing


I would like to expose you my way of creating multiple thing.
I would like some feedbacks.

I have a form to create event. But recently, some users ask us to be able to add multiple dates in this form by avoiding to refill the same form just by adding a new date.

So we did this way :

  1. We remove the simple date input by a repeating group with the possibility to add multiple date input. The RG is based on “event drafts” database.
  2. When we submit the form, I call “Schedule API Workflow on list” (our RG) + all inputs values we need.
  3. I redirect on the “list” events page.

But landing on the event list page, we see the events being created one by one as if the back-end workflow is creating each event synchronously. It takes seconds …
For our UX that’s really not good.

So I’m wondering if there is an another way in 2023 to create multiple thing asynchronously.
Or maybe just by changing my implementation.



Any other suggestions ?

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