At wits end - Problem viewing data

Is there any way to get actual technical help with Bubble? I’ve a good chunk of a year learning, lurking and working things out for myself (and this amazing forum has been my main source of information) but I have hit a brick wall.

Problem: The data table in my live website ( doesn’t populate correctly for all visitors. Some (but not all) of my visitors complain of not being able to see any cruises. They only see the NO CRUISES TODAY message. There are no specific operating systems, devices or browsers that are the problem. But it does seem to occur predominantly with people in different timezones to me.

I am at my wits end trying to work it out and really need help. I started another thread that has dried up as I initially thought it was a browser problem. I also ran into a newbie posting limit. I am going to bed now after nearly 10 hours of trying to fix this problem. I hope someone can help.

I’m looking at your editor, but I can’t make any changes so I’m not sure what the issue is. Here are things I would try.

  • Clone the page so you have a test page to fiddle with
  • In the “Repeating Group Calendar,” delete everything in each cell except the repeating group that shows the cruises. See if the cruises load.
  • If not, delete the condition for “Group Date is Visible” and just set the repeating group to show on page load. See if the cruises load.
  • If not, delete all the constraints on the “Do a search for” that populates the repeating group. See if the cruises load.

Your data set up is a bit confusing to me, so it’s hard to get in there and really help. I was expecting to see a data object called “Cruise” that had a “Departure Port” (of type Port), a Date, a “Ship” (of type Ship). I’m not sure why you have it set up this way, it’s highly likely you know something I don’t here, but it looks overly complex for what you’re trying to do.

Thanks @andrewgassen, I had tried all those things but I tried them again for good measure. You made me think about the structure so I recreated the site more simply. Unfortunately, after the rebuild the problem was still occurring. Fortunately, I was able to narrow down the problem. Bubble was automatically converting my dates to the users timezone which was skewing the data. I tried a mirade of things to rectify but no amount of formatting or converting the date/time group seemed to work. In the end I just removed all date formats and converted them all to text. I changed all the datasources/conditions etc and BOOM problem solved. It’s not ideal but I am happy that the data will appear as it should all over the world. Thanks for your help.

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