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Atmosphere and npm javascript packages

Is there any road map that would allow us to integrate JavaScript packages (npm) and Meteor (Atmosphere) packages?
We would be willing to sponsor the endeavour.

Look forward to a response.

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In the Bubble world not sure how it would work at this stage. What are you trying to achieve?

Hi @emmanuel,

Love bubble BTW. We want to be able to extend the development of our platform for the remaining technical 20% of customization using packages that already exist instead of having to code from scratch.

Just a thought.

Right, so that’s something we’re going to do at some point (hopefully late this year). Don’t know yet how it’ll look with packages, etc. Right now what you can do is set up your own web server and expose an API and then connect to it via the API connector.

Hi @emmanuel,

Okay. Cool. Thanks.
Right now we are looking at
Thanks for a rough timeline. We will expose an API and then connect via the API connector for now.