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Atomic Fusion - UI Kit Chrome Extension Coming Soon

Hey Everybody,

I’ll be launching Atomic Fusion soon. This is a chrome extension that snaps into your Bubble editor to let you build user interfaces in minutes. AF is your build companion + UI Kit. Copy/paste UI component blocks, elements and custom code snippets right into your project. All built on the new responsive engine. Follow build updates on Twitter @atomicfusionhq.


Full walkthrough here.

Looks amazing Neil. Well thought-out account section with plenty of support options and love the report an issue button. When do you think you will launch and have templates available?

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Trying for early January.

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Here is the latest demo / update of Atomic Fusion. On track for launch in January. Would love anybody’s feedback. Sign up at to get notified of the launch.


Wow! That looks powerful.

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Atomic Fusion looks cool AF.


This is a brilliant tool. I am curious though, how did you build it? With Bubble? If so, please share references for the tutorial.