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Attach DB CSV to Action-triggered E-mail

I’m trying to have my app work where clicking a button would take the contents of a DB, make it a CSV, and then send it to a specific address. Is there a way to add an attachment to the e-mail action?

(cc @romanmg)

Hey @max, the email action doesn’t support email actions, but you could achieve this with SendGrid’s API:

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@romanmg: Thanks. Is there a way to generate a CSV beyond downloading it? My goal is to create a CSV from a DB and then email it. I’m happy to use the SendGrid API to mail it, but don’t see how I can generate the CSV…

Hi @max, did you find a solution for this?

i am willing to do the same.


I have not yet found a solution.

Hi there?
Have you found a solution? I just posted similar question here: