Attach to Type?


i using this plugin called Anything to Image but im having problem because i want when button is click it will create the image file url under my User’s Current File but nothing happens

see image below.

it’s showing on my File Manager but dunno how to get that url to my User’s Current File

@PWC please help also with your plugin, if you could give me access to your Demo Editor that will help us alot

up for this one

up @PWC please help this is your plugin also and its not cheap already sent you email for support yesterday but didn’t received any reply

nvm i got this working… it seems i need to add a Create a thing after Making Anything2image also need to add a delay so that it will surely create a thing and attach it to that thing

@sp-vendetta sorry for the late reply here as I have just returned from a conference. The intended method here is to use the events for image and pdf as shown in the below image. This will remove the need for the delay and using these in conjunction with the available failed events will guarantee you have a response.


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