Attaching a data point to a user that I can call back to later


I am creating a data point for a user, once they click a certain button.

We can call this data point “model_id”.

I want model_id to be called back upon to fill in a dynamic value when they click another button on a different page.

The model_id is generated when an API call takes place, so the result of this call will generate the model_id.

I want to tie this model_id to the user indefinitely, (each user will have their own unique data point), but I don’t know how to tie it to the user.

In the workflow, I only see the option for defining the datapoint , but not connecting it to the user.


As you can see in this screenshot, I have set to the result of that api call, but not sure how to then save this as current user’s datapoint and tie it to their unique ID or so.


Hi there, @artistdata22… if I understand your post correctly, you should create a model_id field on the User data type, and that field should be linked to the model_id custom data type. Then, when a new thing is created in the model_id data type, have another workflow action that sets a user’s model_id field to the result of the step that created the new thing.

Hope this helps.


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thank u sir got it

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