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Attaching a List of Things to another Thing

I’m pretty sure this is a basic issue. I’m having some trouble allowing users to create a list of things and then attaching that to another Thing. I just can’t wrap my head around why this is not working.

I am building an application where a user will submit a Proposal for a grant. In this proposal, the user should generate a List of Partners that includes some contact information, and then attach that list to the overall proposal. It seems that in my current form, the Partner will save, but it isn’t saving anything to the Partner’s Proposal field, so the system does not know that the Partner should be attached to the Proposal.

I recently converted this form to a multi-step form both to make it less daunting to the user and in the hopes it would help me figure out the Partner issues I am having. The “Partner” section is on the second page of this form (“Group Step2”)

How can I be sure that when a user presses the “Add Partner” button, that it will properly attach to the overall Proposal?

On the workflow ‘Button SavePartner is clicked’, after creating a partner you need to do a ‘Make changes to a thing’ and add ‘Result of step 1’ to the list of Partners. I am not sure how you are referencing the overall Proposal.

Would it be ‘Group AppForm-StepsContainer’s ExchApplication’? Whenever you are creating the ExchApplication you need to be able to make it to where you can reference it throughout all the steps so you can modify the fields as needed.