Attributing Stripe payments using plugin

I can get this to work just fine, but the issue I have seems like it would be the same thing for everyone. Once the user makes a payment I can assign their unique stripe customer ID to their account, but the payment success webhook from Stripe is faster bubble’s backend workflow. even if that wasnt the case, I need to account for asynchronicity in general. I can have the backend workflow create a new data type of payment that has a stripe id and then do something to look up the strip ID on the user and connect the two after, but this means the payment and applying it won’t be instantaneous. Has anyone else had this issue and how did you solve it ?

Wanted to add, for now I have added a delay on the page that requested the backend workflow, then I searched for the newly created purchase using the stripe ID, then marked it as paid. I will create a workflow that runs every 10 mins or so to search for any payments that haven’t been linked (using a yes /no value) and link them up to catch any that could get missed. This seems super janky though.