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Audio Focused App - Native App required?

Hey Bubble community!

I’m working on building an app that evolves around audio. I want my app users to be able to keep listening to an audio, even when they’re not in the app environment anymore. Does this require me to build a native app? If so, CAN bubble support that?

Thank you!

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@jennifer.willemsen Offline access to the app requires a native app. You can convert your Bubble web app into a native app with a wrapper.

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Hey Neerja, thank you for commenting on my question.

With a wrapper, do you mean for example? As we’re just starting from scratch, I want to make sure I’m using the right settings to be able to convert to a native app later. Any thoughts on that perhaps? Anything I should really know/consider on forehand? :grinning:

Highly recommend checking this out:


You may wanna check out BDK Native (
It supports this via a single workflow step :slight_smile:


I wrote that when I converted to the native app, I could play in the background, but can I use the song forwarding and other commands in the control center like a normal music app?