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Audio Recorder - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Quick question about the Audio Recorder plugin - does it work with auto-binding? Or does auto-binding option appear by default in Bubble since the recorder is an input?

It shows up as an option, I’ve changed my privacy settings to enable auto-binding on the parent’s data type. But still not able to auto-bind.

As a workaround, I’m using the workflow 1. recorder is uploaded, 2. make change to an item (add recorder URL), but auto-binding would be helpful for my use case if it were possible. Thanks for the great plugin! LOVE the ability to record on iOS and mobile devices!

Hello @chris28, thank you for your message, and thanks for using our plugin :hugs:

Please allow us to double check with our Dev team regarding the auto-binding option inside the plugin’s element. We will investigate the case and see if there is a way to help you out by updating the plugin accordingly.

Once there will be any updates, we will post a message in this thread.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Zeroqode Team

Thanks @ZeroqodeTeam. It’s not high priority as the current workflow functions well, just wanted to check. Thank you!

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