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Audio recording in mono instead of stereo

Hi guys,
I use the Audio Recorder Plugin to record user voice input. As a next step I want to use a speech-to-text service (Google) to get the transcript of the user input.
The Audio Recorder Plugin saves the file in stereo quality, but Google only accepts mono.

Any ideas on how to switch to mono? Is there any option inside of the Audio Recorder Plugin? Or does someone know any webservice I could use to convert my audio file? Haven’t found a good solution yet.


In case no webservice is available…use a simple PHP, JAVA etc program to run ffmpeg to covert the audio from stereo to mono…
Upload the program on VPS/Server and access it via Bubble through the API connector

(BTW ffmpeg is an open source program)

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Thanks for the answer, interesting approach! Seems a bit big for what I want to accomplish but I already can see myself setting up a server for this task… :joy:

But not sure if Bubble accepts a file via the API. I read here in the forum that there is an issue with this. But will have a look into it if there is no other possibility.

Thanks again.

You can ask Bubble to update the actual audio recorder plugin and ask the community to help sponsoring that option.

@JohnMark Good idea, I just wrote them. As they are using the Audio Web API for their Plugin I’m hoping that it’s just about adding a parameter instead of re-writting the Plugin itself.
I also saw that @levon will release an audio recorder update and asked him if they will support stereo/mono options:

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I believe you will get the same response from the bubble team that others have already received… “Look to someone who can build the plug-in” which at @levon as already done . the current audio recorder plug-in provided by bubble does not support mobile devices if that’s important to you you should also mention that

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we just published our Auriod Recorder plugin:
here is the thread: Audio Recorder - New Plugin from Zeroqode

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