Augmented Reality Plugin help

Does anyone know if bubble offers any Augmented reality plugins? im looking for someting that places 3d objects in a open space where the mobile device camera is pointing. The objects should come from a directory. Also if there are any ways i can install 3rd party plugins that may already have this capabilities.


I have build something using check it out. But you have to have skill to draw an element using their tools. It is learning curve. But they offer embedded Web AR integration.

Hi @hakeemgrimm.

If you’re also looking for an AR plugin that is able to detect and track faces and augment them with 3D objects, take a look at Banuba’s Face AR plugin. The 3D objects which can be placed on the user’s face include face filters, AR masks, 3D lenses and much more.

How can I add it to bubble?

Did you find the solution. I am also facing this problem. Thanks!