Australian developers


I am looking for a developer to help build out an app.

The final product will include 3 pages, namely:

  1. User input - about 15-20 boxes for manual entry of data.
    Upon pressing the search button, the data will then be checked against an external database, accessed via an API.
    The app will search through the database, using the manually input data points, searching for relevant information.
    For instance, if the user inputs that a given person has red eyes, this app would run through the database until it finds red eyes, and then output the relevant information.
    Essentially, the input data is used to automatically search the database and extract the required information.

  2. The search output - matched relevant information, with links to additional information.

  3. Additional information - gained from the underlying database.

UI is not important. I want this to be the most basic thing possible, to test the concept.

Only catch is I need it built in Australia and in the next 3 weeks.

If you’re available, please do let me know.



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Hello, I would like to complete this order. Leave your contact and we will discuss the details.