Auth tab complete


I’m facing a challenge regarding the completion of the auth tab
here is the auth tab section from the payment provider docs

I want to know what is the type of the auth
, and what put in the tab

any help appreciated

You’ve attached a screenshot of the documentation from bubble. But you need to be looking at the documentation of the api.

The first picture from the payment provider

Where there is a space between “Bearer” and your secret key

I did

here is the result

First of all you’re putting your test key into the live box. I’m not 100% sure but that might cause an issue.

Also, what API call are you making? The error says you have an invalid amount. This likely has nothing to do with the auth and everything to do with invalid values you are sending in the call.

sorry, i don’t get it, the API key is the test key, given by the provider after the signup

A charge request

Add the content-type header to the call as shown in the screenshot.

The api key you have put in is your test key. There will be a live key provided by tappayments somewhere in your account profile which will be much more hidden as live keys are very bad to get into the wrong hands as someone can pull money from your account.

In my screenshot, I have put the default provided test key into the “Development key value” in your “key value” text box, you will have “Bearer sk_live_…”

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IT works , thank you for help !!

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Just so you understand, when you are using your bubble app in non-live mode, it will use the test api key so you can make test purchases with fake money (tap payments should provide test credit card numbers somewhere in their documentation). When you operate your app in live mode, it will use the live api key and it will work with real money and real credit cards (if you try one of the test credit cards in live mode, it will return an error saying something like “you have used a test credit card”).

I have never used tap payments but I have used stripe. Everything I have described is based on the way stripe operates but from the little I have seen from tap payemnts, I think it likely operates very similarly.

Here are their test cards:

I cant thank you , enough


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Hey ,

May I know why the API didn’t return the parameters?

I tried to add the parameters to the call

But I got this response

If you want to set it up like that, then I’m pretty sure you have to set it to form data

but I’m not an expert on that. I now get a different error.

But make your life easy and just use the triangle brackets for dynamic values:


Actually , i solved it , bit got a new error

Source id invalid , 1125 code

i generated the id token by the js card i have installed , and pass it through source id as : tok…etc

What api call are you making?

Charge post call

Can you send a screenshot of the json body? You can redact any secure information but don’t redact the first part of the parameter so that I can see the type of parameter you are sending

here is it

I just tried it on my end and it works fine.

What do you mean “js card you have installed”? What does that mean?

Also, usually card tokens are one time use unless their saved to a customer. Are you sure you aren’t using the token more than once?


Js card is : a payment form that format the card info , and generate a token id

The token id you have to pass through source id in the APi call

The js card is important if your web is not PCI complaint


Here is more info