Authenticating webhooks that have a different than "Authorization" header

Hey guys, I want to let users use Typeform webhooks to import their survey responses to my app.

I’ve managed to set up an endpoint and create a workflow that reads and stores all the data. Now, I’m trying to make it work with authorization but can’t find the answer of how to do it neither here, nor in any of the YT videos. Maybe I’m missing something.
So this is how it looks:

In Typeform’s webhook settings you can add a “secret” (token). When a new survey response is created, this secret is sent in the header, in a property called “Typeform-Signature”, and is hashed with HMAC SHA-256.

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 01.09.15

So I’ve managed to generate and capture API tokens in Bubble with a “Log in” workflow but not sure what to do next. As far as I understand it, to trigger my endpoint with an incoming webhook, Bubble requires a header “Authorization” which is not hashed, and it doesn’t know that the token is sent in Typeform’s “Typeform-Signature” header.
Is there any way to decode the secret and match with the token in my Bubble app? Or am I misunderstanding something here?

Fyi, I was able to have the endpoint accept my calls from Postman with the regular header “Authorization” and non-hashed token as the value. It’s just not possible to set up like this in Typeform.

Thanks in advance!