Authentication for current users

Hi everyone! Has anyone figured out a solution for the “User/email already exists…” notification when signing in with a new social option?

For example, I recently had a customer switch from using Google Auth to Microsoft Auth. Now, they get the user already exists notification when trying to sign in. I know that they can sign in using a manual username and password and link it then. But that is a pain point I want to avoid.

Anybody have a solution for this?

If you use tool like auth0, you can avoid this if I remember correctly. but you will need your actual user to reauthenticate with this service.

Actually, from what I know, there’s no way to workaround this in Bubble. You can submit your idea on ideaboard

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Thanks @Jici . I’m going to look at that option today. I’ll test it out today. As long as it doesn’t make all my users do a password reset to reauthenticate, it should be good. We are certainly overdue for native Bubble social login management.

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