Auto Bind dropdown, how to do this?

Hey guys,
I have a drop down that i use to assign properties to agents and its autobinding. I can add a property to the person using “when an inputs value is changed” however i can’t figure out how to remove the property from previously assigned agents in the same workflow. Any ideas?

Hi there, @reeceb… it could be as easy as searching for agents who have the property assigned and removing the property from the agent. Hard to say, though, without knowing a lot more about your setup. How are you associating properties with agents? If you can share some screenshots of your data types and workflows, I’m sure someone will be able to help you get down a good path.


Hey Mike,
Properties each have an Agent (Single User) field and each Agent has a Properties (list) field. So that each way can be referenced.

Is there a way to do this without searches? I’m really trying to limit the amount of searches being made.

If I understand your setup correctly, I think you should be able to do it without a search. In the An input’s value is changed workflow, have the first step make changes to the current property’s agent, and the change to make would be to remove the property from the agent’s list of properties.

For some reason this worked the first time but then failed not long after. I found that once I clicked the dropdown it selects the person in the list before activating the workflow. The workflow then removes the property from the current selected user not the old one, so there is no way to reference the previous owner.

EDIT: The conflict was with the auto binding option on the dropdown and the workflow that initiated afterwards. The autobind option would cause the selected user to instantly become the owner and that’s where the problem arose. Solution was to just turn off the autobind and run everything through workflows.

You have to make sure the workflow steps run in the correct order… probably need to use a custom event to enforce the order.

I updated my last post with the fix :slight_smile: Thanks for the help

Oh, I didn’t know you were actually using auto-binding in conjunction with the workflow. I thought you were just using the term auto-binding to refer to using a workflow to make changes as soon as the input’s value was changed. Yeah, using auto-binding and the workflow definitely would have been problematic.

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