Auto-binding field - List

I have a RG with an Edit button. When I click the edit button it shows a pop up. In the pop up i’ve created a bunch of fields with auto-binding turned on, such that the data can be updated.

A few of my fields are originally selected from drop downs, and stored as text. To show these fields in the pop-up with auto-binding is easy, but I want to limit what the user can update the fields to, to the original drop down options. Anyone know how to do this?

I tried using a drop down field, set to auto bind, then set my list of static items. but when I preview it only shows the static options, not the actual data that is stored in the field in the database. Thoughts?

Ignore - I solved the problem - I wasn’t using workflow to pass data from my RG into the Group within the pop-up, I hadn’t passed data to both the pop-up and the group within the pop-up.

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