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Auto create a new page base on new merchant sign up

Hi All,
I am working on this platform (A online queuing system). I am exploring on a new feature whereby whenever a new merchant sign ups, a page linked to the merchant profile will be auto created.

Is this possible? This page will be unique to that merchant profile. So anyone (without the need to log in) can browse their profile.

Hope to get some direction and advice on this~ thanks!

Maybe I am misunderstanding the question, but can’t you just create the page and pass the merchant-specific data to the page via url parameters? So whenever a new merchant profile is created, other users can see the merchant profile page (linked from a directory page or some other mechanism, not sure about your requirements).

When you setup your database you will create a data type that you might label as ‘merchant’ and then when you create a page in your application you might label the page as ‘merchant’…when creating that page, you can set the page content type to the ‘merchant’ data type you created in the database.

When using the slug feature, which is a built in data field on all data-types, but you have to manually setup the process to create the slug value, the slug will be in the URL and when the user has a slug value of say ‘merchant-123’ the url would read like

All the elements you place onto the page can use the dynamic expression ‘current page merchant’ to access the data fields you have on the merchant data type (name, address etc).

What you would do is when the user creates an account as a merchant you create the ‘merchant’ data type entry for them, and automatically there will be the ability to have a link to the page ‘merchant’ with that merchants data fields.

When using the go to page action you can use the send data feature to pass the correct ‘merchant’ data type to the page.

You do need to pass any merchant-specific data to the page via url parameters, because Bubble will automatically pass the slug value as a path to the URL.

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Yes, that is a better method for this use case!

thanks!! got it~

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