Auto create data based on user input quantity?

Hi everyone. New to bubble so probably overthinking. I was wondering if there was a way to auto-create data based on the user’s input quantity or to do something else (probably way more simple) to accomplish my goal. For example, I created a business profile sign-up page. Most people have one business so this is pretty easy. But a property manager may work for a parent company but may have 10+ properties. If possible, I don’t want to have to store “property 1” “property2” “property3” and so on in data unless there is a way to auto-create that each time they enter a new property because some parent companies may have thousands of properties. The purpose is I would like them to add all the properties they want into their business profile so they are able to easily select which property needs the service from a list later on when they order a service. Thanks for the help.

Your database design can look like this so users can have multiple properties.:

- email | Type: Email
- name | Type: Text
- unique ID | Type: Text
- ListOfProperties | Type: Properties, List checked.
- ...

- address
- name
- ...