Auto create fields from database

Would be super cool if you guys made a plugin or other tool that allowed you to generate all input and output fields automatically linked to a page from the DB. So for instance if I created a thing in the DB “car” with attributes “color”, “brand”, “model”, “year” - knowing that type of the attribute you should be able to generate to a page a standard input field for each. Same thing for the outputs, since they are text strings you could make the outputs each text boxes with the proper connections. This would be great for generating user registration pages, etc. that you could then tweak or replace elements without having to write so much repetitive code. I’m already spoiled using Bubble, why not ultra-spoil?!

As an aside to make this even more efficient it seems that a better interface for copying and pasting expressions should exist. The way it is now I never know what I’m copying in a dynamic expression, usually nothing, even if I have everything highlighted.

You’ll figure it out.


Super helpful, glad you’re on the forum.