Auto-fill calculation?

How can I calculate and auto-fill the result while user is filling out the form (before clicking a button)?

I want a user to choose one of the discount rate from dropdown and the final offer field is automatically filled with the result.


Hi @yj.johnrhee
It’s quite simple…
Make sure your input cost Type content is “Integer”
Screenshot 2022-08-15 at 12.56.01

Drop down discount like this
Screenshot 2022-08-15 at 12.58.14

Then final offer will be

Hi, thanks for help but I know how to set this up. What I need to know is how to make this to happen automatically when user selects discount value from dropdown, without user clicking a trigger button later.

@yj.johnrhee Yes it won’t need any button to trigger
Just in your final offer (Amount) If it’s a text Just add a dynamic data as in image (It automatically do the calculation).

Ah… yes, you’re right. But, what about the expression? Can you help me with it?

It should be “cost’s value-(cost’s value * discount’s value)”, not “cost’s value * discount’s value”. Do I need any plugin?


you can do that by enabling parenthesis in your app
just go to settings & section version enable it.

Thanks for the tip. I tried it but the parenthesis does not work as I design. I don’t know how I can get control over it with regard to where to put it and so on. Anyway, I found a way around and achieved it. Once again, many thanks for trying to help me.


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