Auto-generate page from item in RG


It’s a bit tricky to explain what I want to do. But basically I have a repeating group with different jobs. If I click on one of the jobs in the repeating group a popup opens up with additional information about the job. However, instead of the popup, I want to be directed to a “auto generated” page with information about that job.
In other words; I want to set up a single page which works as a template, and the information on that page is based on which job you click on in the repeating group.

Every job has a unique slug, but I cant figure out how to edit/create a page for that slug.

I am pretty sure this should be possible. Would really appreciate your help. Thanks.

Just create a page and set its content-type to Job.

Done. How do I see the URL for that page?

Or could you be a bit more detailed? I struggle to see that one sentence is the solution to the whole problem.

I’m not sure I can add much more… there really isn’t anything more to it than that…

Just create a page, and set Job as the page content-type. You can then refer to the page’s Job on the page.

The URL will simply be:

Well, what you just added solved the problem :wink: Thank you!

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