Auto generating profile pages from databse

I’d like to auto create profile pages from a very large database of information (first name, last name, etc). How woudl I go about doing this with bubble? Is it something I can realistically do? I want it so that when a visitor searches the site, they can pull up a profile. This profile wouldn’t be something that’s created by a user. think of it already being there. It would have basic information. That visitor can then take ownership of that profile and finish it or use it (obviously after verifying they are the said person on the profile).

Of course that’s possible. The DB can contain any number of User objects, but there would be a single Bubble profile page. That page would act more or less as a “template” to display the profile information belonging to whichever User is being viewed.

And you could certainly implement functionality that would allow anyone who creates an account on the system to “claim” a particular user.

Unless you’re planning to pay to have this app created for you, it seems like you’d be well served by some of the learning resources.


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