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Hey, how can i make auto height or width for a border, text input or something? I look at style page but i dont see this option. Can ı do this?

Hello @efesener , welcome to the community. I don’t get it. You need photos, gif videos, or better-explained text.

I have been using machine translation for years, if you express your wish better, you will get a better translation and you will get quicker answers.

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@eren For example when i create a new page i have to enter page’s width and height parameters with digital value. But if i can pick “Auto” value for this parameter when i try to draw a button which higher then page, this page’s new height value will equal button’s height value. Sometimes this
feature is very useful.

With the Bubble’s render engine making : auto anything is counter-productive. If you look at a rendered page you’ll notice bubble completely forgoes the box model in favor of absolute positioning. It nests your UI elements inside r-boxes and r-lines and setting anything to be responsive outside the rendering engine does not provide good results. If you provide a specific example of what you’re trying to achieve, maybe one of us can offer a workaround.


Thanks for your reply. I dont need this feature at the moment. I am newbie and i thought this feature will be useful for me when i need. So i haven’t a example for now.

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