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Auto refresh repeating group on submit

I’ve read several articles and tried the solutions, but still having issues. I have a repeating group that has a list of articles_users. The articles are a global object (meaning multiple users could have the save article, and can each append their own meta data to them), which is why it’s not just a direct relationship.

The action to submit a new article is in the header which is a reusable element. When the user submits the article, it creates the article correctly and the article_user record, but it does not update the repeating group with the new article unless I refresh the page.

I’ve added the Connector plugin with passes objects from a reusable element to a page, and it appears to be working because I can pull in the object that it’s passing into a preview pane. But I can’t figure out how to get it to also update the repeating group. I’ve tried using “display list”, “clear list”, etc. But can’t figure it out.

Any suggestions?