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Hi, all.

I’m completely new, and have searched through forum with combinations of various keywords but surprisingly haven’t found similar questions/answers.

I’m creating a client information management system, and I’m creating 2 data types; 1 for companies, and 1 for the contacts, and they have different attributes, e.g. a contact would have cellphone number but a company would not.
1 company can have multiple contacts.
From the user’s perspective, when they open a company profile, they should see the multiple contacts saved with the same company name.

I’m very early into this whole set-up, now, there are 2 pages - add company page and add contact page.
I have tested add company page with automation to create a new entry once you hit save button.

Working on the add contact page

Now I have 2 requests.

  1. How do I make the system present a list of suggestions when they’re typing the company name (like google search suggestions)? e.g. I have the “concept factory” company name in app data already, I would like the user to see this option when they start typing “con…”
  2. If there’s no suitable option for them to choose (maybe they want to create the contact before the company), there will have an “add company” button below the suggestions.


Hi @linzlee

Firstly welcome to the Forum. :love_you_gesture:

If I understand you correctly, question two only applies when there’s no solution for question 1.

Answer to Question No:1

I suggest you use the Search field so you can enable the search option.

Then, click on the search field and choose the option as on the screenshot.
1: Dynamic choices
2:Define list of field, this is where you will choose your type “Company Name”

Option two will be like this before you select a type.

3: Choose the field to search using.

Then you can test.

All the best with your project.

Thanks so much it worked!

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