Autobinding a users email doesn't seem to work

In setting up an autobinding form to allow users to update their name, user info once logged in, I ran into something. I was able to get the name field bound and working. Then I move to the email field and the field wont show up in the field to modify list. I just used that same method to setup the first field and tested it.

I am guessing this may be because the email is tied in as the login name for the user system. Just wanted to clarify as I could not think of another reason for that to happen. Thanks for any info.

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Changing the user email should be done carefully and various verification steps should be used in order to avoid security problems. Therefore, I don’t think you can change email with auto binding.


To bounce off @Efe, you can’t change email via autobinding, but you can use the “Update User’s Credentials” action.