Autobinding help

Set up:

I have auto binding on a Product Image, where I can toggle it active Yes or No.

However when i toggle an images’ active status not only does it revert back to it’s original status, it also triggers a bunch of other images’ status. Is there something I’m misunderstanding about Autobinding - i thought it could ONLY affect that single Product Image

The logs below show a list of other Product Images being altered via autobinding after I changed the active status on one Product Image. i would understanding how a database trigger could cause this but how can it happen via autobinding?

Is that image part of other thingEntries?

To clarify: Are you asking if the Product Image I changed the status of is in anyway connected to the other Product Images that were altered? If so, then no, they aren’t connected

I am asking if the Product Image is used in an imageField in other dataTypeEntries

A Product (Data Type) has a hero_image field which will reference a single Product Image

… there is your answer why autobinding takes place so many times

Sorry, I don’t follow.

Why would a Product Image that is connected to a single Product affect a number of other Product Images that aren’t connected to the original Product Image

Product Image 1 → Hero_image of Product A
Product Image 2 → Hero_image of Product B

Why would autobinding the status of Product Image 1 affect Product Image 2?

Is the Product Image … an image? … or a dataType?

a data type

Is the productImageDataType part of other dB_DataTypes?

Part of Product data type.

Data type:Product Image
Field: Activewhat I’m autobinding (boolean)
Field: Image (saved to s3 file)

Data type:Product
Field: Product name (text)
Field: Hero Image (single Product Image data type)

In an image or file field, Bubble stores the url of the image or file as a text. Not the image or file.

It is likely that autobinding is causing Bubble to re-map the affected entries one by one so that the separate savedToS3_ImageOrFile is routed correctly to each.

This is a speculation but highly probable based on what you are kindly sharing with us.

It would not


  1. Are you doing autobinding in a Repeating group?
  2. Do you have a backend workflow setup for database trigger changes that also changes the status?
  3. How are you autobinding the status to the image? What elements are in use?

I’m sorry - I still don’t understand how autobinding Product Image1 is causing Product Image 2 to change.

If I’m autobinding the active field. How would that change the Image (saved to s3 field)?

  1. yes in a repeating Group (Other Product Images being changed are not in that RG though.
  2. I have database triggers if Product Image active status changes. But they just trigger an Algolia update.
  3. RG of list of Products → For each Product, an RG for a list of associated Product Images → Toggle with autobinding for that Product Image

Delete and test…likely no others will be updated and you’ll then be able to undo the deletion to get it back and tweak the conditionals on it to make sure it doesn’t trigger when fired.

Other than that without being in your editor, I can’t think of other reasons for why it might be happening.

Turns out it was an issue with the Toggle switch I was using (see below).

Swapped it out and issue was immediately resolved.