Autobinding on Checkboxes with Option Sets in a Repeating Group

Hi Bubblers,

I want to create a form that has a set of options that when they are ticked are added via autobinding to a list in the database. I want to use the option set itself to create checkboxes for each one of the options in the option set as it will create just the right number of cells in the repeating group. My problem is I can’t figure out how I can use those easily created tick boxes and labels to autobind update the database.

The only way that I can figure out how to fill the repeating group with as many cells as there are options, is to make the data type of the repeating group the Option Set Data Type.

The problem is that when I go to configure the Do When a Condition Changes, it wont let me update the form field because the Repeating Group’s data type (database type) is different from the datatype (Option set) of the group that the Repeating Group is sitting in .

Has anyone got a clever work around for this?



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