Autobinding sumproduct

Hello there,

I have “Sales Data Type” and it has lots of products within it.

Those products have a price, and they make a total price (sum of each individual price). When I “do” the sale, I can save that total price using a formula.

The problem is that when I edit that sale, I cannot update that total price as I have autobinding in all the products in the RG.

So the problem is, if the user leaves the page, I would have the updated sale, but with the total price created before editing.

Any suggestion?

Does your Sales data type keep a list of products, or do your products have a Sales datatype that they are related to?

Sounds like you can use a database trigger with a strict contraints of “Product’s price before change is not product’s price after change” and your action would recalculate the total

Hey @santiagopoli3 :wave:

I can see your conundrum here. Hmm :thinking:

As another option, maybe, instead of using auto binding, you can right click and edit the workflow on the input. Then you can do the workflow that you want and update other fields as well.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, in fact it helps me.

I just triggered an event “make change to thing “Total Sale” when Total Sale different to FORMULA”

New Total = FORMULA

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