Autofill Form Help

I have searched the forum and haven’t been able to find a straighforward solution to my problem.

I am building a business application and need a form that will retrieve the personal information of existing clients and autopopulate all of the data into the appropriate fields: Last Name, First Name, Street, City, etc.

I see where the search box can be used, but it only allows filtering by a single field. So if I search for the client’s name and there is more than one person with that last name I can’t select the desired client. It does give me a choice, but no first name is listed. Furthermore, If I select the one that says, “Smith (1)” then the last name is filled with the name followed by (1). (see screenshots)

This is a very common need in business forms, so I’m guessing somebody has figured out and easy way to do this.


hey @docflash

You could make it work by creating a custom search, using an input field, a focus group and a RG (the RG would display Clients inside the focus group)

Thanks for the reply. Could you give me a brief example? And would I be able to select the choice in the RG and have it auto-populate all the fields. I built the one in the YouTube video, " Building an Auto-Complete Search Feature on" by Coaching No Code Apps, but it doesn’t allow you to select anything in the RG.


That’s the one you want. What it does when a cell in the RG is clicked is up to the workflows you build along with it. You might need a custom state on the page as well.

  1. Build a workflow like when Group (cell) is clicked → set state to Current cell’s User’s unique_id
  2. Assuming your form is of type User, put a conditional on the form group to Search for User constrained with unique_id = page’s state
  3. The fields’ values could then be Parent group User’s field (first name, last name…)