Autofill text based on database

Hi, I want to create order page where user can choose the list of customer based on existing customer (let’s say: customer field is: name and email.

When the user is adding new order,
and is entering customer name, the input text will auto recommend the existing customers, in which the user can select.

Upon selecting, the page will auto-populate
When they enter customer name, the order form will auto populate selected customer name and email into the order form fields.

Please kindly advise, how to do that?


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Searchbox and “searcch and autocorrect” plugin will both do the first part of the question, there are pros and cons to both

For the second part it would probably be a matter of setting the parent group to customer then have the inputs either set initial content to parent groups address or whater your trying to populate. You could also do an autobinding.

These are pretty simple tasks, I would recommend getting in and getting your hands dirty or alternatively jump into some courses that #cobubble or #romang offer as well as the built in bubble courses and there are others that offer courses too.

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